Better when it is smaller

The future of orthodontic anchorage implants belongs to the mini-titanium screws OSAS. Extremely stable and very elastic.

Better when it's simpler

Anchoring complicated strategies are no longer needed, the absorption of the reactive forces and moments are abarcables and dimensions of the apparatus are minimized.


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Course O.S.A.S.

At Dewimed Colombia, with Dr. Ricardo Medellín.

16 to 18 November 2016

Congress O.S.A.S.

Orthodontic Skeletal Anchorage System DEWIMED  Tuttlingen, Alemania

11 al 15 Octubre 2015



The new proposals of orthodontics have changed abysmally with the presence of the mini implants in clinical settings, traditional braces unquestionably worked for many years, but with the appearance of the mini implants and the acceptance of them from 2005 by the FDA

orthodontic biomechanics has a 360; so it is essential that the orthodontist today must have an updated knowledge and extensive training in both the placement and management of these new aids.


Perhaps the introduction of this type of attachments the placement procedure was more time consuming and laborious, requiring specific instruments and complex to ensure success in positioning the screws.

Today this process has changed times and reducing clinical risk during placement. Allowing the screws directly orthodontists and in turn carry out the planning of new biomechanical strategies carried out by the same operator.


The advantages and therapeutic ranges have come to far surpass the traditional braces that often came to present significant limitations in the completion of certain procedures which had to be resolved by other means such as: extraction, the surgical procedure and constant Prosthetic smooth planes in adapting existing oclusón in malocclusion.


However with the use of mini implants have been able to expand our range of options and clinical outcomes as are procedures distalize molars removed smiles gum intrude segments or teeth for dental implants or prosthetic planning and delete media in periodontally compromised teeth, impacted teeth down or included in an independent manner, etc.


So great are the possibilities with the management of these new additions that is increasingly necessary for the operator of orthodontics this extensively trained to use these new clinical proposals because without it will be limited in their clinical procedures like years ago.


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Advanced Course O.S.A.S.

Orthodontic Skeletal Anchorage System DEWIMED

San Luis Potosí, S.L.P. 21 Octubre 2015

Dr. Ricardo Medellin


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